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Production Order Is in and So Much More

Hello Nexus Family,

I first want to take the time to thank everyone who has supported me through this process. From family, friends and everyone who has placed pre-orders and orders then ended up backordered. 

Thursday, January 5th I received the full production order for Revel and Xander. I processed, packed and shipped all orders that went backordered. They were dropped at the post office today (01/06/2023). When announcing that inventory was full, I received many new orders. Those orders were processed, packed and shipped today as well. 

The next step is to finish and update the website. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be working on completing the product photography to complete the media content for the eyewear. The stock\vector photos have got to go. Thank you for your patience with that.

Once the above is complete, Maverick will be showing the end of next week. The custom wholesale piece Hanscom with Ride Bikes Don't Die will be arriving with Maverick. I will be processing both of those models and scheduling a day to meet up with Keehan to get him his order of the Hanscom. It will be exciting to meet up with Keehan for the first time in person as we hope to continue our collaboration. 

Over the next week (by January 15th), I will also start getting Nexus Sunglasses into retailers. Dave from North Country MTB has come through for me once again. His sister owns The Dark Gem Shoppe in the Art District in downtown Saratoga Springs. She will be stocking Nexus Sunglasses in her retailer location at:

The Dark Gem Shoppe
30 Beekman Street
Unit 4
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Click The Dark Gem Shoppe to see Jessica's website. Be sure to check her website out for handmade jewelry and fun unique accessories.

Although we may have very different products and our typical customer base is very different, we both are brand new businesses and look to help each other spread the word for one another.

Building on top of the new partnership with Ride Bikes Don't Die and The Dark Gem Shoppe, Nexus Sunglasses will be looking to expand their wholesale relationships, bringing our product to Vermont and Upstate NY outdoor retailers.

If you don't think that is enough work to do, while all this is going on, I will be working on more colorways, limited editions and new models. More specifically, we will be looking to have mountain bike\sport specific models by summer 2023.

Stay tuned.


Founder and CEO 
Nexus Sunglasses


(Pictured is my "processing table", stock for prepping orders.)

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