Nexus Sunglasses Update and Sample/Manufacturing

Nexus Sunglasses Update and Sample/Manufacturing

Hello Everyone,

We would like to apologize for being missing in action and delays with samples and product launch. At Nexus Sunglasses, we have been working with product engineers and manufacturing reps to get the samples of models made.

This process is taking 3-4 months longer than anticipated. There are a few reasons as to why it’s taking longer but the most important one is we are trying to get the products right. Working with friends and family to demo and provide feedback. We want to work out any possible problems before we produce the first two models for full production. 

This isn’t necessarily a bad delay to have. At Nexus Sunglasses we are working to provide as much quality, value and desired features into the budget friendly product as we can. Without the markup of the bigger brands.

Over the next couple of months, we plan on doing something a little more unorthodox than others. We will be sharing the experience of family and friends, as they help us narrow down what two designs we will launch with. This is just the start of what we hope is a great community for all. You may see pictures or video on our social media platforms of this process. It may not necessarily be the exact items put into full production but we believe it will be to share what we have been doing. 

So, please hang in there with us and follow along. We were hoping for a fall 2022 launch but that wouldn’t provide the best results for the consumer.  Official launch will likely be early Spring 2023 but late Fall 2022 and early Winter 2023 will hopefully be when product is ready for market, with the hopes of a soft roll out. 



Nathan, Founder, Nexus Sunglasses

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